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Rebel Movement

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Rebel Movement


That’s a word with a lot of power, isn’t it? Whether you think of Joanne d’Orléans, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela or just a little girl in kindergarten, who is having a rebellion against her portion of spinach and the vitamins – you will find an impact in all these actions and their results.

Why did people always want to act against the rules, against normality? It seems it is ingrained in our psyche to be a bit of a nonconformist, to make a statement with our opinion and maybe even change the world with being our own kind of a hero.

We can all be rebels. We all can stand up for things we believe in, for things we want to change. We can leave our mark in this world, in whichever way is right for us.  We need courage for it, sure. And we may think it’s not the right thing to do, it’s too extreme and strange.

But forget about that. The first step to become a rebel and to stand up for what you believe is to accept that there is nothing to have fear of. The goal in life is not to play it safe. We don’t want to lie on our deathbed with regrets for not standing up for the things we really believe in. Probably some people will wind up happier in the end but we’d rather live a life full rebellion than a life led by fear. This is why the motto for this blog entry is “Better a life full of rebellion than a life led by fear”.

Think about how rebels in the past poured their heart into their beliefs. They even died for it, and they for sure weren’t considered heroes until a long, long time after.

This post is a shout out to the rebels and their impact in the world. It for sure is better to have a life full of rebellion than a life that is led by fear.

Our creative team approached this powerful topic with strong, and of course, nonconformist art in the form of photos.

We want to bring out the power in you, to change our world, one rebellious step at a time.

Picture 1: This picture has the strongest message and it was inspired by a girls’ movement that is called #freethenipple. These girls are true rebels! They are fighting and protesting on the street for reclaiming power over their own bodies! They are in progress of changing the status quo of the equality between male and female rights. Learn more about them at

Photographer: Chris Flash

Model: Jacky Janotka 

Writer: Hanna Roth (have a look) and Benjamin Klammer

Typeface: Benjamin Klammer