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Third Way

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Third Way

We are living in a world where you have to be either male or female. But there are people don’t feel one or the other way. There are people who want to have the best of both worlds. Another possibility is that they feel more comfortable with the other sex there are born with. Because of this “Boy and Girl” mentality they struggle to find clothes that fit their body. Artists like Paula Winkler with her Editorial for the magazine "A magazine about" about fashion and identity show us how unisex the body can be.

These people might not be aware of the change in the fashion industry they are forcing. What is evolving because of them is the so called “Third Way”. We are breaking out of this only “Boy and Girl”-mentality and create clothes that fit both. The best example was the Prada SS 2017 Men's and Women's Fashion Show on the 19th of June. They showed stunning architectural inspired unisex–clothes which look good on both sexes. Also Andreas Kronthaler's collection for one of our favorite labels Vivienne Westwood this season embraced gender fluidity. 

Another Label that impressed us is the Label COS with their Unisex-Shoe-Model. They created sneakers that fit male and female feet. We were able to shoot this one.

We did research on a wide range but we were not able to find a logo for unisex in general. So we decided to create one on our own that should show the interplay between both sexes.

For our cover picture we photographed a stereotypical boy/girl, which you can see on the left/right hand side. In the middle we put them together. We wanted to emphasize how universal both bodies can be and how we might dress in the future.

We can now state that unisex, seen as a whole, is not a trend, but more of a movement, and every company should participate in it.

What we discovered is that childrens socks are a great example for the girl/boy splitting. The only unisex-choice would be normal white socks, which normally no child likes at all.

It might be that this is something which is to blame on the parents.They try to compulsively press their kids into clichés because of their limited mindsets.

Unisex is neither a hype nor a trend. It is a breakthrough, which wants to free the possibility for everyone to live the sex they feel most comfortable with.

Photographer: Eddy Fallend

Models: Marco Sendlhofer und Bernadette Koller