Mesh Studio

In grid

Mesh Studio
In grid

For our very first art exhibition, we decided to go with the most influencual topic in our generation. Technology. In a way of how we get influenced by it. We wanted the exhibition to be as selfreflective as possible. So we created a few interactive artworks. We wanted to show, that there can be a different side from being captured. We wanted to show that there are different sides  to being captured. A side where you feel no pressure. Until you remember the point: you are in grids. In one grid, forever and always. In grid.

Project „What do you know about yourself?“
 Technology. Social Media. Cookies. All these things surround us, day by day. We created some questions concerning that topic, to demonstrate the user how well informed they really are.

Project „We see you“
The artwork „We see you“ shows that we get monitored on a daily basis, without knowing it.  A hidden camera, placed in the left eye of a 3d-printed head, permanently watches you and streams a picture to a monitor. Only through a special filter you’re able to uncode the pixels and colours and see yourself being wachted. 

Project „Laser Accessoires“
We showcased our minimalistic and lasercut products also with some projects we did in the past. Projects where we used new techniques like lasercutter for producing.

Project „Liquid Extasy Parfum“
This is a shortfilm about Peter Fellner‘s very first fragnance. It is unisex and has a powerfull smell and so is the video.



Impressions of our first exhibition

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