Mesh Studio

Inked individuals

Mesh Studio
Inked individuals

What do tattoos mean in general?

Back in history, the first tattoo-sessions took place in prisons. Nowadays tattoos are attractive to lots of people because they allow you to express yourself in an artistic way.

What do tattoo's mean to us?

Mesh Studio: For us, tattoos should remind you of personal experiences and define your personality in an artistic way.

Chris: I got my very first tattoo (2012) in Thailand. The style is called "sak yant", it's an old tradition. My love for the Asian culture continues till today - and that is visible in all my tattoos. On my left upper arm I've got a Buddha tattoo. There are many people who are against that tattoo-trend in Asia because they are convinced, that this sort of selfexpression is respectless against Buddha. That's why I decided to get the motive next to my heart - where it belongs.

Patrick: I first started getting tattoos because I wanted to create memories on my body, but today I get inked because it's a great kind of art and I just love the visual aspects of tattoos.

Leni: For me, having tattoos means to tell your very own personal story in an artistic way. It means to give your body an individual touch, to set a statement, to show who you are... I love my tattoos for reminding me of experiences I've made in the past, and that's why I will certainly never regret them.

Lukas: This tattoo is a combination of the words light and creativity, the result is a bulb filled up with further positive symboles.

Jan: My tattoo stands for the universe. We are all one, with the same origin. We are endless - life is endless - there are no borders. Everything is possible!

Movement: Instagram, for sure, has also a great impact of what’s getting under our skin. 
Here you can find some special contant and artists we would like to share with you: 
@seanfromtexas, @winstonthewhale, @lucatestadiferro, @mambotattooer, @cumotattoo

Interview: We talked to some tattoo-artists in our hometown Linz, to get in touch with the most wanted ink. They named motives like: compass, feather or roman numerlals for being very popular. In our opinion, the negative thing about following such a random trend is that you will probably go to hate yourself for wanting a tattoo just to have one.

Photographer: Patrick Gusenleitner

Cover: Chris 

Model 1: Chris 

Model 2: Patrick

Model 3: Peter 

Model 4: Lukas 

Model 5: Leni

Model 6: Jan