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Makeup is typically used to enhance the face and make the wearer ‘prettier’ but with social media on the rise, makeup artists all over the world have a platform to celebrate different makeup styles, so unusual makeup is becoming more and more prominent. It is something that has no defined rules, no gender, no right or wrong, it can break established gender norms and that’s exactly why i love doing makeup.

It’s sort of a very active form of art, where you get to create art right on yourself and express your feelings and emotions through it. For me personally makeup is my main creative outlet and the great thing about makeup is that you can get inspiration from everywhere, whether it may be from another artist, history, music, or something basic like shapes, sizes and colors and because there are no rules you can use anything you want like flowers, paperclips, plastic, paper etc.

With the following four looks i tried to incorporate everything that is signature for me and my makeup


Look number 1 was inspired by the typical clown makeup, which i always enjoy doing because it’s weird and creepy and i have a fascination with everything disturbing and scary. Something that i almost always do is have a specific color scheme, for this look it was grey/black and gold. This look screams creepy but get a sort of elegant feel with the added gold shadow.


Look number 2 is based on lena herself. I wanted to create a makeup look that represents her and her personality. It’s my personal interpretation of cute and i’m so glad i could use fresh and dried flowers for this look. I think the delicate flowers create an amazing contrast with lena’s strong features.


Look number 3 incorporates something i was always fascinated by, symmetry. This look is the simplest yet the most time consuming one but I think it’s simplicity is what makes it so understatedly stunning. I also used the primary colors to keep the focus on the lines and shapes themselves but still create a contrast.


Look number 4 is bold and drastic, something that defines me as a person. This look perfectly shows all the different ways to apply makeup. I applied the grey lipstick on my eyes and lips with a crinkled sheet of plastic, the black stripe is acrylic paint and the shards are cut up pieces of an old greatest hits 2009 cd.

Edit: Karin Klammer

Makeup + Text: Kathrin aka Rikaphoridte